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MTCG Events and Photos
Events and Photos
  • MedPride Consortium celebrate the completion of EUMEDIS project successfully, Napoli, Italy 16 Feb, 2005
  • MedPride Consortium Management meeting in Cyprus 1, Sept 2004
  • E-Commerce and International Arbitration Conference, ICC Paris, Aug 4, 2003
  • WCIT - World Congress on IT , Australia,  Feb 18, 2002
  • MedPride - Mediterranean Project Innovation Development, Rome, Italy, Sept 29, 2001
  • MedNetU - Mediterranean Network of Unified Distance Learning , Rome, Italy Aug 13, 2001
  • Digital Economy Initiative, UNESCO, Palace, Feb 15, 1999

MedPride Consortium celebrate the completion of EUMEDIS project successfully, Napoli, 16 Feb, 2005

MTCG participated in the celebration event of one of the most successful EUMEDIS project for Industry innovation development and enterprise creation. 12 partners from 9 countries. participated  supporting Enterprise Creation and Innovation within Italy, UK, Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestinian Territories, Malta, Morocco and Tunisia. The meeting celebration was hosted by the Mediterranean House Foundation established by Mr. Michele Capasso and attended by EC - Monitoring Committee Leader,  Mr. Francesco Badioli

International MedPride Partners

The Mediterranean sea flag

Memorial photo in front of Napoli medieval castle

The press conference

MedPride Consortium Management Board Meeting in Cyprus 1, Sept 2004

MTCG reviews the results of conducting the 44 lessons of a total of 100 hours via satellite and the training of around 500 potential entrepreneurs, Med.Pride (Mediterranean Project for Innovation Development) is a pilot project that encourages the support of the creation and the innovation of companies.

The consortium enjoying Cyprus sea

Dinner, wine and dance

Dancing to Euro-Mediterranean Tunes

Miro and Maida

E-Commerce and International Arbitration Conference, ICC, Paris Aug 4, 2003

Keeping up with the latest developments in globalization trends and international business laws and procedures, MTCG participated in the 2 days International Arbitration Conference to discuss with key authorities, the current and emerging international business issues. The conference was organized by International Chamber Of Commerce (Paris) and discussed key issues and recommendations relating to the globalization of business and markets and the involved international disputes and the new laws for electronic arbitration. A special focus was given by Mr. Jerome Huet, France, to the needs of new laws and procedures to govern the emerging E-commerce and Internet business. 

Among the speakers were:
* A representative of H.E. Dr. Boutros Ghali, Ex United Nations Secretary General
* Dr. Robert Briner, Chairman of Arbitration Center, ICC and Ex President of UN International Court of Justice
* Mr. Adnan Kassar, Chairman, of the International Chamber of Commerce, Paris.
* Sir Michel Kerr, Honorary Chairman of London Court of International Arbitration
* Mr. Charles Molineaux, Rep. Of American Arbitration Association

For more details, you can click on the Ecommerce and International law challenges (7 Pages)

Pictures From The Event

1. Dr. Robert Briner, Chairman of Arbitration, International Chamber of Commerce, ICC (Paris) and Ex-Judge of International Court of Hague

2. China Ambassador Mr. Lui Zhentang and Mr. Li Yong, Vice Chairman, China International Arbitration Commission

3. Mr. Yones with Mr. Kassar Chairman of ICC, Dr. Abdul Hamid Ahdab, Secretary General of the Euro-Arab Arbitration Council and other guests of honor.


4. The ICC conference

WCIT - World Congress on IT , Australia and Taiwan Feb 18, 2002

MTCG participated in the combined World Congress on IT 2002 and IT Business Forum is one of the most important events on the international IT calendar. Taipei Taiwan and Adelaide Australia. More than 1500 of the world’s key business and IT decision-makers attended  the five-day event from February 25 to March 1 2002. They heard from a powerful line-up of government and business leaders including former US President Bill Clinton.


World forum discussion

President Bill Clinton at WCIT 2002

Dr, Ying Jeou Ma, Mayor of Taipei Cypercity


Mr. Kaisi at the reception with other guests

EUMEDIS Euro-Mediterranean Information Society -  Rome Sept 29, 2001

MedPride Mediterranean Project Innovation Development

The MED PRIDE project is submitted in the framework of the sector 4 and its main purpose is to set up a network of Centers of Excellence from European and Mediterranean third countries with the aim to implement an operational model for creation and development of innovative enterprises, by focusing on two specific objectives: 

  • Creation of ICT based enterprises

  • Adoption of innovation by existing SMEs.

The consortium member, 12 partners from 9 Euro-Mediterranean countries

Ms, Simona from Sviluppo Italia

EUMEDIS Euro-Mediterranean Information Society , Rome, August 13, 2001

MedNetU - Mediterranean Network of Unified Distance Learning 

MTCG joins MedNetU Consortium . The Project aims at sharing technological and didactic know-how and expertise in Open Distance Learning (ODL) at university and Continuous Vocational Training level among Euro-Mediterranean countries, according to a logic of consolidating a self-sustainable ODL Network (as a consortium) composed of different Euro-Mediterranean Universities and Continuous Vocational Training institutes, administrative and institutional bodies. The Network will provide and co-produce university courses and training courses using Distance Learning Technologies. The project will reach the highest number of users since it will use mature technologies such as Satellite Television and Internet, and advanced technologies such as Internet by satellite at different step of the project

MTCG participating in steering Committee meeting (22 partners from 12 countries.

Vocational Training Sub-Committee

EuroMoney Conference London, UK Sept 25, 2000

The conference brought together over 1000 delegates from over 20 different countries. Representatives of governments from across the region discussed and debated with leading corporations, financial institutions and investment funds

HE Michel Marto, Mr. Mohamad Yones and panel of experts

IT Investment workshop

Digital Economy Initiative, UNESCO Palace, Feb 15, 1999

MTCG has called for a Electronic Economy (2E) Initiative at the 7th International Scientific Conference at UNESCO Palace.
For more details, you can click on the
Electronic Economy Paper (10 Pages)

Pictures From The Event


1. Mr. Yones presenting "Electronic Economy" paper along with the panel of technology experts.


2. Conference audience .

3. Mr. Yones and Dr. Yafi, Chairman of CPA Association.


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