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Research Partnership Proposals

MTCG co-funds and partners with public and non-profit organizations for new-economy research and development initiatives. Since its inception MTCG has partnered with 3 international consortiums on 3 pilot research projects co-funded by the European Commission EUMEDIS (Euro- Mediterranean Information Society) Initiatives.

 The EUMEDIS projects include:

  1. Education Sector: MedNetU - Mediterranean Network of Universities, consisting of 9 EU partners and 16 MEDA partners
  2. Health Sector : PARADIGMA - Participative Approach to Disease Global Management , consisting of 12 EU partners and 14 MEDA partners
  3. Industry  Sector: MEDPRIDE - Mediterranean Project for Innovation Development consisting of 5 EU partners and 7 MEDA  partners

For more information on projects structure and results, please click on the following links

EUMEDIS MedPride - Capacity Building Program

Innovation and Enterprise Creation Courses  (outline draft version)

Presented by Oxford Innovation Partners

European Commission and MedPride Consortium. These courses were delivered over the Internet and Satellite links. MTCG is pleased to provide course material free of charge to Small Medium Enterprise (SME) and Startups. Please note that due to the large size of the multimedia files and limited bandwidth resources, the video lectures are not published online . After reviewing the program subjects and presentation material,  you can request the video lecture on DVD. To receive a DVD copy , kindly Contact Us with your information and feedback


Gross National Development (GND) Proposal  for Abbas Badran, UNDP and Nasser Al Saidi, Ministry of Economy &

Gross National Development (GND) Proposal for Al Yafi, President, Lebanese CPAs

Gross National Development  (GND) Proposal for Emeil Lahoud, President of the Republic of Lebanon

Subjective Well-being Public Policy Proposal for Emeil Lahoud, President of Republic of Lebanon

Economics of Peace and War, Paper for Emeil, Lahoud, President of Republic of Lebanon


Subjective Well-being Public Policy Tool for Yassine Jaber, Ministry of Economy

Gross National Development (GND) Proposal for Yassine Jaber, Ministry of Economy



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